New Beginnings

IMG_3691Today sees the beginning of a new era.
Vizeum has arrived on these shores as FRANkVizeum in Melbourne and Vizeum in Sydney.
Being part of Vizeum’s Global Network brings with it all sorts of BIG numbers…we’re now have 47 offices in 36 countries totalling over 2,500 staff with billings of US$5 Billion plus.
Vizeum, launched in 2003, is an independent media network and part of the Aegis Group plc, the world’s largest independent media group. The group also includes Synovate, Isobar, iprospect and Carat.

We are a new type of agency that goes beyond the world of advertising’s traditional media planning and buying dictate which is too often stuck in the old paradigm.

Our targeted stencils (Sydney example above) go some way to support this point by challenging the accepted norms of targeting broad audiences “P25-54” (all people aged 25-54) and the obsession of accountability by percentages such as 48.76% 2+ reach etc. etc. Thanks to Media Tree for helping us make this happen.

It is time for change and for clients to get more from their communications; it is time for frankness about what is really working and what isn’t. We fuse audience motivation, brand truth and communications experience to create the perfect connection. Connections create a new level of emotional engagement which one dimensional planning by numbers can never attain. We are curious about people, we are passionate about the world out there, we love brands, we believe in speaking the truth about what’s right for you, we are imaginatively creative, we are in the moment – learning from the past but keen to gear up for the future. Connections are our DNA. It defines who we hire, who we work with and how we do things. It is an outlook, a way of being, and thinking that goes beyond tools and systems. It is easy to talk in the abstract about the ‘digital revolution’, and much harder to make sense of the forces that are transforming the media, and to harness them to drive coherent communication strategies that drive business transformation. We help clients to take on that challenge.

William Gibson said that “The future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” This is why we put effort in being early adopters and understanding quickly what the digital progress means for our clients.
We are interested in clients who want more: more stimuli from their partners, more curiosity about what makes consumers tick, more boldness, more frankness and more inquisitiveness about going beyond the norm.
It’s time for a change.
Don’t you think?

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