Can Volkswagen read your personality?

VW Question

VW have developed an interesting new car campaign, teaming up with Twitter to recommend to users what their next new car should be (a Volkswagen, of course).

Through online flash creative executions, users enter their Twitter username in the creative.  The ad will then analyse the content of their Twitter posts, and based on this ‘personality type’ recommend a vehicle from their range.

It probably isn’t overly scientific, but it’s a fun way to tap into the curiosity of the online users it is targeting.  My Twitter account resulted in a VW Polo recommendation.

VW Result

Kevin Rudd’s Twitter profile spat out a Beetle as the right choice for the modern, sauce-bottle-shaking PM.  Ashton Kutcher’s search suggested a 7-seat Routan minivan to lug around all of Ashton, Bruce and Demi’s rugrats.

What does your Twitter account say about you?

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