Windows = FUN?

Technology is boring, right?

Trend spotting website The Cool Hunter would disagree, explaining that Apple have raised the bar in marketing technology products creatively, effectively sexing up the category.


This creative approach is the emphasis of a new campaign by Microsoft (via Y&R New Zealand), who aim to ‘Fun Up Your Home’ with their latest release of Windows Vista.  The creative concept is anchored around the idea of making your home a theme park of entertainment.  Great looking creative, that puts a smile on your face, and promotes a more human side to the software giant.

Vista Ad

With my curiosity raised, I visited the product URL given to get more details.  Unfortunately, the website doesn’t deliver on the promise given by the ad.  The landing site is a fairly generic, Microsoft web page which doesn’t capture the joy of the advertisement.

Vista Screengrab

For the campaign to change the opinions of those who see the program primarily as a business tool, and probably are current Mac users, the user experience needs to be consistent; from first sight of the advertising, to delivery of the product, and everything in between.

Not a bad effort though!

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