#FRANKademy 15May09 – Next session 26th June





Thank you everyone who came to the first FRANkademy on Friday. We had a diverse group of people from STA travel, i-mate, Carsales, ANZ, Melbourne’s GPO, ARN radio, GAP adventure and Cox media. It was great to see some old and new friends, share some knowledge and to be reminded how important it is to meet up as well as tweet up.

Topics covered were twitter: what is it, what do i do with it and why should i do it. After a few examples we dived into the tweetersphere and discovered how much more there is to twitter (Thanks to Anthony from ARN on the futuretweet tip). We also talked about blogs, bloggers (or “new journalists”) and how to reach them.  After the tool sit was time for strategy where we covered 7 tips on how to start your social media play.

We finished with some “homework” so if here’s a recap of some activities you can take this week to get a feel for social media:

1. Find someone to follow and send a Tweet

2. Use twitter search

3. Google yourself or your company

4. Check your brand on brandwars – if it’s not there submit it

5. Go to FRANk blog and comment or write a post

6. Have a play with an iphone

7. Get to know a 12 year old because they probably know more about this than we do

Know anyone who would like to attend the next FRANkademy (26 June)? Want to come again with another friend? Got more feedback on the session? Please leave a comment.

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