Press industry even more cluless about online than the music industry

Well, this is hilarious. AP – Associated Press – an organization with about 1400 members including newspapers, radio stations and TV channels in the US are going to war with google and the internet. From Rupert Murdoch was accusing the search giant of poaching content it doesn’t own and urging media outlets to fight back. “Should we be allowing Google to steal all our copyrights?” asked the News Corp. chief at a cable industry confab in Washington, D.C., Thursday. The answer, said Murdoch, should be, ” ‘Thanks, but no thanks.

That’s great but Rupert forgot that google is responsible of delivering more than 300 million clicks a month to newspaper Web sites. This small glitch of memory can be forgiven but yesterday the last straw of cluelessness was drawn when the AP told one of their affiliates to take down a few youtube videos. It didn’t matter the videos were from the AP youtube channel, which is owned by google.

So, the AP is accusing google of stealing their copyright while keeping up a youtube channel with their copyrighted videos than threatening to sue their own members for using it. (Some of their videos have close to 3 million views). Here’s what I think will be fun. Check out the AP youtube channel. Embed one of their videos. Get a great souvenir of cease and desist letter you can show your grand kids.  Here is my violation of their copyright: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! 🙂


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