Green with envy over Orange


It’s a shame that Hutchison Telecom in Australia rolled the Orange mobile phone brand into what is now known as 3 in 2006, as we’re being robbed of some great cinema advertising coming out of the UK.

Orange has signed up US stars Danny Glover, Juliette Lewis, Sigourney Weaver and Emilio Estevez to appear in its cinema ad campaign this year, which has been running since 2003.  The creative agency (Fallon) have a new take on the famous franchise, which sees the long-running formula of celebrities having their movie pitches ripped apart by Dresden and his boorish Orange Film Board colleagues replaced by the Orange Film Studios, which makes new versions of Hollywood classics.  A spin-off digital campaign to promote the spoof movie in the latest commercial has also been created.

Orange is a great case study for having a long term brand strategy.  Their long-term ownership of the cinema medium (in the telecommunications sector) with a humourous take on ‘turning off your mobile’ reaches a young audience spending a lot of time out of home, and using their phone as a social hub.  The strong content of the ads also increases engagement, in an environment where ad avoidance is fairly easy.

Initiatives such as Orange Wednesday continue to add value to the consumer with 2 for 1 films and even pizzas (through a deal with UK chain Pizza Express).  In the mobile phone market, where handsets, technology and deals change as quickly as you can say ‘Harry Potter’, owning a medium and to an extent, a day of the week stands the Orange brand in good stead.

Great stuff!

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