iPhone, do you?

Tomorrow sees the first bounce of the 2009 AFL season and one of the hero applications (apps) developed by Look out Mobile is Aussie Rules Live. Developed for the iphone and ipod touch check out the video for a demonstration of the features. These include
– live scores
– Live text commentary for all games
– Live goal kickers
– Live ladder updates
– Shake the phone for live score updates!
– Full fixtures and individual team fixtures
– Latest team news
– Previous round scores and goal kickers
– Compare results, ladder and head to head from past seasons (v.2 update)
If you’d like to download this app then look no further than here

Last week Apple announced a wave of new developments from its new operating platform…called 3.0. One of them will enable e-commerce.
This opens up the field to all sorts of pocket convenience for services such as subscribing to magazines.
We see this as an interesting opportunity for publishers in a climate where hard copy sales are generally heading south. Any savings from not having to print could be passed on, ads could be interactive, new concepts could be trialed, real time opinions could be garnered etc.
Watch for an avalanche of e-commerce enabled apps tumbling into play this June.

Go Saints.

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