Vodafone…Unplugged in España

 [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=346HP1N2ga8[/youtube]Some great thinking coming out of Spain, with Vodafone promoting their “Oficina Movil” (“Mobile Office”) service.

Their agency Waskman went beyond spending the usual millions that Vodafone splash on ‘traditional media’ launches, creating raised ‘glass cubes’ in Madrid and Bilbao city centres, and filling them with Vodafone workers who relocated to the mobile offices for three weeks. 

The purpose was to demonstrate to freelancers and small businesses (their main target groups) that they didn’t need to be wire-dependent, with mobile phones, office phones and data services through 3G technology providing the means to go fully wireless.

To give the idea more depth than a straight-out PR stunt, websites and blogs were created, writing about the whole process, how the Vodafone solution solves common problems of being stuck in one location, and displaying live webcams to see staff in action.

Thanks to Adverblog for the news!


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