Are you in the paper business or the content business?

murdoch_narrowweb__300x3740.jpgDuring the last few weeks our clients are increasingly curious about social media. A few reasons for this can be found on MarketingMag. Here’s another point of why this is happening from the media owners view (Anthill) and the consumers view (me). Three days ago James Tuckerman the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Anthill magazine announced two kind of news. The bad -the mag is moving to a three month publication due to some obvious reasons like the global financial downturn. The good news was their move to become an online publication. Reading the comments left on that post make it clear that no one is too sad about the death of the paper edition. So James, this wasn’t a case of bad/good for your readers. Was it sad? sure. But what did you gain? I never used to read Anthill magazine. Now, I’m starting to warm up to them. Mainly because I feel I know them – I can comment on their posts, be part of their community and follow them on twitter. And the best thing: they can give me much more value like posting this video: “Why executives fear social media with New York Times technology columnist/blogger David Pogue. So, does it really matter where or how I’m getting your content? hey, as long as I’m getting it who cares if it’s from a magazine, a blog or my mobile phone?

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