It’s the small things


Everyone has a few small things in life that they like to enjoy from time to time, which brings me to share these three things…

Frankie magazine is a bi-monthly magazine & so ‘girl next door’. It’s the type of read that speaks directly to you and contains great affordable fashion, interesting articles that you can relate to, quality interviews and great photography.
The kind of mag you will sit and read from cover to cover. I suggest you give it a go!

Michi girl daily e-newsletter is full of quirky content and allows you to localise your subscription to Melbourne, Sydney or ‘world’. Michi talks about the following day’s weather and her feature of the day such as the fabulous tucked away boutique store in Fitzroy. It’s also proved to be a great way to showcase upcoming sale and events on the weekly updated ‘noticeboard’

Lady Melbourne is a more recent discovery. This vintage emporium blogspot takes you through the city lanes in Melbourne and guides you through new and vintage fashion. My favorite is the lady Melbourne tv ‘salvos’ post which is a great ‘how to’ handbook on utilising your local charity stores to make your own very affordable outfit.

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