Yellowing pages too

photo.jpg The last time i mentioned the ‘litter’ of yellow pages was 4th February 2008. Well it’s that time of the year again and the plague of yellow continues unabated.

The value of these seems less relevant one-year on and although it is possible to order a printed yellow (@ up to $24.94 inc. gst) it is not possible to opt-out, which is  a great shame for the environment.

On the up side there is a Sensis & Recycling site which tells us that in 2007, 75% of all old directories were recycled by Australian households and businesses. I’m not sure of the source for this, it’s not quoted on the site.

Clearly the printed version of Yellow pages is a huge revenue earner for Sensis….one they are no doubt keen to protect. Conspirators suggest this is why the online version is so woeful. But let me end on the most positive note i can….21% of yellow and white pages were reused as a second directory, to prop up computer monitors, to wrap breakables and a range of other uses. A book token of $30 goes to the most imaginative ‘other uses.’

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