Movember UK 08 Wad Up

mo.jpeg A new contributor to FRANk’s blog comes from Patrick Morrison, in London town. Patrick’s company allmodcomms is “a media company with creativity at its core.” Patrick and i worked together in London and is a good friend. His first post is about how Movember went down in the UK last year…a worthy cause of which Patrick was part of the team.

 There has been some very positive progress for Movember in the UK…which has tripled fundraising levels year on year. The figs are still being counted by people with very large calculators but cash in had passed £1.7m at the first milepost.Everybody is currently looking at all the ingredients which contributed to this great result but in a nutshell:-For the first time there was hands on client leadership in the UK (with JC getting everywhere and doing his supernetworking thing…… he’s an unstoppable force and mixes it with the kind of energy which Byron Bay surfers get when they go big)  There was lots of spreading the word in the regions (going beyond the obvious huge potential of London to include and activate the North (Manchester) Ireland (North and South), Scotland/Cornwall and the Channel Islands (yikes)   Special audiences and cool communities were picked out to get special treatment (a surf contest hosted the Movember Sessions held in Cornwall, with a party after featuring the infamous DJ’s The Cuban Brothers /plus “urban media cynics” activity with Vice magazine) Lots of parties were held ! (god knows how the hardcore Movember and Iris partyheads do it ! but they did 6 consecutive grand partes across UK….and for the final fling a double decker bus took the real hardcore all the way from London to the final final down in Cornwall in true Magical Mystery style)The UK brand partners all got very proactive, with lots of specials from Finlandia in bars and partes plus Wilkinson Sword (who ran Mo’s Moustache Emporium out of Charlotte Street which was a focal point for London’s Mo bros and the media to visit) The UK enjoyed some very positive media value from press, cinema and digital media this year where we used the model developed by FRANk in the Australian market to get coverage and support for the cause. This was added to by a significant strand supporting Mo’s Moustache Emporium which Wilkinson Sword picked up as a part of their commitment.

Whilst the final total is reckoned to triple, this is more than just organic growth for Movember here …clearly it’s a good idea that is still very fresh…..and also it appears to be crunch proof, unlike other UK things right now

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