My New Year’s resolution

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve started to be very interested in marketing as a service and eco-marketing. Why? because I believe the world is going to be very different in 2009. Some of the changes include the emergence of thinking leaders (Nobel prize winner Steven Chu as head of the US federal Department of Energy), Economic downturn and declining natural resources. My new year resolution is to contribute to the marketing shift and making brands more human, social and responsible, leading through innovation. In the next few months I will try to find the opportunities in this space. If you have something in mind, let me know.

In the meantime here is one documentary I need to watch, called “Garbage Warrior“:


And if you have another 3:41 minutes you might like to check this video of John Grant, author of The Green Marketing Manifesto:


And… an extra cute animal video for Christmas from BBC’s breathing places:


Well, That’s it for this year. I would like to wish happy holidays and Christmas to all our friends – catch you all after my break 🙂

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