Community action


 We, the consumer, are having to pay artificially high prices for a range of products at the moment. Possibly the worst oligopoly-offenders, in these ‘turmoilic’ times, are the oil companies and supermarkets. The challenge for consumers is to create critical mass in order to effect change. One such opportunity is Aussie Farmers Direct (AFD). I’ve long held the belief that the potential power of communities can be the catalyst for change and here’s a great opportunity. All AFD’s products are 100% Australian owned and made and delivered to your door in esky bags. They go beyond milk to juices, eggs, cheese, cream, bread, bacon, butter, coffee, water plus seasonal fruit and veggies. You can sign up here.

Part of their service includes “Mealopedia.” This help you create your weekly menu & a shopping list that only contains the required amounts of ingredients you’ll need.

As i wandered around the busy aisles of Safeway yesterday having injected a dollar into the trolley, queued to pay, pushed said trolley to car, loaded the car, returned the trolley, driven home and unloaded car i wondered about how much i value my budget and my time…not enough me thinks.

I’ve signed up to AFD. It’s a small step but its the accumulative effect of small steps from communities that will effect change for the better.

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