Some Cracking Executions

This week I was stunned to learn that international agencies working for global brands don’t always share their creative ideas, even if they are extremely effective.   Weird.  I know it’s an ego thing and realise that not all executions transcend cultural borders but, big heads aside, if it’s a good idea just roll with it. Being the patriotic Canadian that I am, I thought I’d take a moment to check out some ad campaigns that are currently running in Toronto to see if they may have been influenced by anything I’ve seen here.  No luck.  What I did find was a fantastic McDonald’s billboard advertising their use of ‘freshly cracked eggs’. 

 McDonalds Billboard

 I also found an American McDonald’s egg sign that proves anything is possible when it comes to outdoor.  The best part is-the egg only ‘cracks’ open from 6.30-10am when eggs are served.  Brilliant!

 Egg Sign 

 If I were an outdoor provider I’d be preparing a quote for McDonalds Australia as we speak. 

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