Ashton Kutcher and the blah culture

parishilton.bmpApparently web start ups are sooo hot right now, Hollywood actors are making a career move and taking over (thanks Dave). One of these actors is Ashton Kutcher with his “interactive video site” I couldn’t really see how this site is an “interactive video site” and not a celebrity gossip blog with a social community element for 12 year old girls. Isn’t the entire web “interactive”? and the fact you have 2 videos on a page doesn’t make the entire site a “video site”. Moving on, the content is exactly what every LA girl needs, celebrating shallowness with sex references and pimp language . Learning from Ashton, the coolest thing you can call a tween girl is “whore”. I presume that “slut” and “bitch” will follow soon, maybe with some head job instructions. Ok, I’m trying not to be old and prudish but blahgirls smells like the “Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset” Paris Hilton SouthPark episode. Thanks Kutcher for making this episode a reality.


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