If brands are about emotional connection then why are so many of them emotionally challenged?


A brand is my gut feeling about a product, a service or an entity. Branding is all about creating an emotional connection with people. This is important in every touch point with your users, especially when you’re talking. How do you think a customer feel about your brand after an unpleasant chat with your “customer care” person? (One of my good friends just had an unbelievably bad experience with Telstra and yes, he told all his friends about it).

Let’s take a quick side step to the world of robotics where robots are starting to connect with people on an emotional level – please check out “Heart Robot” to be blown away by some of these emotionally evolved robots. After watching this I was wondering what it’s going to be like having a robot as your customer service person.  On the positive side they can work 24 hours a day, never need coffee and never get cranky with a customer.  On the negative side they wont know when to bend the rules for a special client, exceed expectations or deal with a complaint.

Just a sec…when was the last time a customer care person slightly bent the rules for your sick mother, exceeded your expectations or calmed you down in a nice way? Unfortunately most customer service representatives are still trained to act like robots. How does this affect your brand emotional intelligence?

Thanks to MAKEmag for the Heart Robot post.

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