Online strategy check list


Here are some important questions to ask before you decide what to do online. Even if you answer half of them you’ll find some insights, focus on your goals and might even come up with a great plan to promote your business.
Your brand:
What are you doing online? Do you have a website? Do you have a place where you engage consumers on your website? Are you doing all the talking or do you encourage conversation and feedback? Do you have any audio/video on your website?
Your competitors:
What are your competitors doing online? Have they already worked out how to have a conversation with their audience? What are the advantages of your competitor’s online profile and what will you need to do to beat them?
Your industry/community:
What is your industry doing online? Are there any online trends you should be aware of? What are the ideas you like? How can you play a bigger role in this industry?
Your audience:
Who are you talking to and why? Who are your evangelists? Where are they online? What is your niche audience? What do they like to do? How can you help make their lives better?
The creative concept:
What will get people talking about you? How can you be different? If your brand can produce a show – what will it be?
What is the scope, time line and budget? Who’s going to manage the team? What are the software requirements? Who will be doing the programming, design, audio/video production (if needed) and testing?
How will people know about it? How can you spread the word? What is the launch plan? What are the PR opportunities? Do you have a seeding plan?
Who’s in charge of the following: data entry, linking to content, comment moderation, email list management and measurement.

This is based on a post I’ve written about a year ago at digital underwear.

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