5 good reasons for starting your online strategy

five.jpg1. Because your website is a marketing tool. Many think that building a website means people will visit it. The truth is that a website is like a store. You still need to advertise the fact that you have one. So the best way to start building a website is planning. Not only where the buttons go or which information we need. We want to find out how we can differentiate from our competitors, give our customers what they want and keep them coming back. Think about it this way: A website without a strategy is like a building without an architect.
2. Because a website is not enough anymore. The internet has grown a lot in the last 3 years and today we know that having one touch point online is not enough. There are many things you can do online and your strategy should have a mix of them. This can give you a few touch points on the first page of google and will make sure you’re catering for first time visitors as well as people who already know you.
3. Because your audience is not the same. Today’s audience is savvy, time poor and used to advertising. And if attention is the new currency we need to make sure people will pay attention to our offering. Another flash website won’t do it. How about regularly updated content or some sort of community or social game? These are things we need to think about before the website functionality.
4. Because of money, time and your goals. There is no point building a website for $30,000 and then find out it’s not achieving your goals. The first thing we need to do is to come up with a plan that will save you money and get you to where you want to be.
5. Because its not done when it’s done. Building a website is only the beginning. How will you market it? Who will contribute to it? How will people engage with it? How easy it is to change? Will it be out of date in 2 years? There is no point building a website until you can answer these questions.

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