What is The Girl Effect?

You’ve probably already conjured up an image of what The Girl Effect is – it’s not the pink, stiletto-clad, “we’re all sisters”, “tell me your feelings” thing you’re thinking of. It’s actually the opposite.

The Girl Effect (thanks to TheDrewBlog), is the powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society. It’s the brainchild of the Nike Foundation and is an initiative to give impoverished girls the resources they need to realise their potential.

Unlike traditional “send money now” fundraising schemes, The Girl Effect actually engages people. It provokes thought, entertains and focuses on how we can change the future. It’s viral advocacy. The only problem is, it’s quite difficult to actually make a donation. Even after you work out where to click (I’ll let you find it yourself), you’re re-directed to www.globalgiving .com and, if you’re anything like me, assume you’ll be making a donation to a charity called The Girl Effect. That’s not the case. What you’ll discover is that it’s a network of global charity projects all striving to better the lives of females. To find out how it works go to: http://www.globalgiving.com/howitworks.html.

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