Natural fragmentation of social media & ownership issues

In 2008, we’ve been expecting the long tail of social networks beginning to appear. To give you an idea, check out this link to see the companies that are offering whitelabel social sites. 40+ social sites plus linkedin, facebook, bebo, myspace, etc… There are social networks and community sites beyond MySpace/FB for Youth, even for Mums, Dads, GrandPas, GrandMas, and freakily the Departed..

I’m primarily seeking communties that are under 18, beyond just MySpace.

Club Penguin, Disney
8-12, Virtual World

Young Girls 10-17, Social Network, virtual dolls

Barbie Girls
6-16, Virtual World

Youth, Avatar based Social network

6-10 year olds, Virtual World

Club Penguin, Disney
8-12, Social network, virtual dolls

Teens, Virtual World

Habbo Hotel
European Youth, Virtual World

South Korean youth, (and now global), virtual/social network

Youth, Virtual Pets

Pixie Hollow, Disney
Young Girls, Virtual Pet

Teen Second Life
Teen, Virtual World

Youth, Virtual World

Teens, Social Network

Shining Stars, by Russ
Youth, ‘name a star’

Puzzle Pirates

Youth, Gaming, Virtual World

Now of course, boomers and retired are also going to be on lifestyle social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, but I’m seeking examples that are focused in on reaching these folks.


50+, Social NetworkBOOMj
50+, Social Network

Tee Bee Dee
Boomers, Social Network

There’s a larger list of Boomer sites, many I’ve not heard from.

Someone suggests this in the comments in Friendfeed, makes sense.
PreciousMemoriesAndMore*Thanks to Jeremy for putting this list together.

The incremental increase niche social sites are a natural progression of the marketing environment… carving your own market.

So currently who owns your network? Who essential owns your friends? I wouldn’t be surprised that part of the T&Cs while registering into MySpace/Facebook forfeits your ownership (thou I haven’t actually read it… who does?!).

This brings rise to Data Portability of your social network. One point where all sites like Facebook and can pull my social network from. All my friends stored in a single point so I can fluidly move across different social networks based on my interests. This is an iniative Google has taken on with OpenSocial. Now Google owns my email, my searches, my maps, my computer, my addresses, and my friends. 🙂

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