more Connex


Some passionate discussion about Connex, Melbourne’s rail system, on Marketing magazine’s blog. I couldn’t help but comment on the letter from Julian Cole. I indulgently referred to my post travel community but added a thought about recycling mx newspapers.

Connex tends to be the butt of jokes and ridicule and to be fair they may be victims of their corporate environment. However their site does lack practical empathy. I did find a feedback section which suggests, in preference 1. speaking with their staff on platform 2. calling the customer feedback line ( i rang, spoke with a helpful lady about my mx newspaper recycling idea who in turn said she’d refer my idea to the Customer Relationship team and they’d be back to me within 7 days…i’ll report on their feedback as a comment) 3. writing a letter or 4. an online response.

One of their latest initiatives is to meet their managers at various stations to ask questions. Wouldn’t it just be a lot simpler and practical to engage online? Soon.

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