Popurls make RSS beautiful

butterfly.jpgPopulrs is a daily feed of the most popular stuff on the web. You can find feeds from digg, delicious, reddit, flickr, youtube, newsvine, truemors, google news, yahoo news, boingboing, stumbleupon and even some quickies from people like Seth Godin, Ze frank and and popular vlogs like rocketboom. There is also a personalisation option and if you’re busy you can put up to 20 items on your clipboard for later viewing.

If you’re a buzz freak you can switch to popmania for a triple dosage of web goodness. OK, so its not a new concept as RSS was around for years but it does give you a central place to catch up with stuff (and for those who are RSS shy, there is no need to deal with a reader). Give it a try and tell me what you think. Here is something from Popurls creator, Thomas Marban. The whole thing took him a day to build.

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