Does online content work on TV?

dot-tv-logo.jpgWeb series on social networks are massively successful and are getting millions of views per month. Now TV wants a bit of the action. But can web content be successful on TV? or is it best viewed online?

Lonely Girl 15 was the first to become an international phenomenon and social site Bebo quickly got the same crew to make LG15 sister series KateModern. In its first season, Katemodern garnered nearly 2 million viewers a week, for 24 weeks, totaling 48 million views. On myspace a show called Quarterlife achieved over 9 million views in five months. In November 2007 NBC acquired the rights to air Quarterlife on broadcast television. The show was canceled after airing only one episode. Actually it was the worst performing show for is time slot in the last 17 years.

Now UK’s Five TV station is going for another try with Bebo’s Sofia’s Diary. Online, the show achieved 5 million viewers within the first two weeks . What do you think will be the outcome? Is web content suited to be viewed on TV?

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