Damn those packaging… but wait

Has anyone experience walking into JB Hifi, bought something electronic (a USB stick), then spent the next 10mins breaking scissors and getting scratches as you try to pry open the impossible packaging?

Apparently this is pretty common.

An article on Adverlab found that – “Anecdotally, emergency room doctors say they’re slammed the week after Christmas with such injuries and see them regularly all year. Dr. Christian Arbelaez, a Boston-area ER physician, sees about a case a week, some as serious as tendon and nerve damage that require orthopedic surgeons to repair.”

Wired even goes further with “Tales from Packaging Hell.” It seems to be such a simple solution but it’s causing widespread grief and a crappy experience.

Then from an unlikely source, we see a small innovation in Microsoft’s Bluetooth mouse packaging. They’ve left a small hole with perforated lines to easy opening. Small improvement, vast return on my first product experience.

So kudos for Microsoft taking notice and doing something about it!


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