Who is FRANk?

whosfrank.bmpWhen the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) of Australia partnered with google to seed the idea of “tell us what makes your company tick and a great place to work” we figured FRANk has a case.

Since FRANk’s inception we have been asked “Who is FRANk?” hence our video clip was conceived. Anyone who has been here loves our view, our location, our balcony and hopefully the vibe. So in the guise of James Boag we expose who FRANk is by where FRANk is and where FRANk goes, we even borrowed a helicopter to capture that real-google map look.

FRANk is firmly Melbourne based for lifestyle-satisfaction and fulfillment. We overlook Grattan Gardens towards the Chapel St end of Greville Street in the heart of Prahran. Aside from the ‘work-thing’ a typical week in our neighbourhood is that of massages, fruits, breads, cheeses and nice things at Prahran market, swimming in Prahran’s heated 50m outdoor pool, coffee shops a plenty, multi-cultural eating options, iconic destinations such as Greville Records, the Greville St Bookstore, bars, clubs and of course Dan Murphy’s.

All credit goes out to director Christian David Cordeaux @ First Light Films, the Winston Giles Orchestra for their original soundtrack, Matt Knipe @ mediaplay for helping us find Winston and our good friends with the chopper.

Please enjoy “Who’s FRANk?”


*Updated to IAB version

copyright FRANk Media 2018