ithis and ithat


By 2020 25% of Australia’s population will be over 65 and 90% of these will be living in their own home…..enter the “ipot.”

The ipot links a kettle to a mobile phone or website. Each time an ‘elderly person’ (sorry mum & dad) boils water for a cup of what-they-fancy a message is sent to a family member telling them their relative is up and well.

Promoted by Zojirushi it is only available in Japan, at the moment. The beauty of the ipot is that the elderly user does not have to learn how to use the system, the technology is built into the kettle.

There is a start-up fee of approx $50 and $30 per month for the service. Over, say, 10 years this amounts to approx $3,500…a small price to pay if your elderly loved ones live overseas

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