12 Earth-Hours


Earth sought revenge, in Melbourne, yesterday by serving up 12 ‘Earth-Hours’ ….in our house, at least.

I say revenge, not because of the relatively lack lustre performance by man and women-kind last Saturday for the official Earth Hour but because of the commercialism by some sponsors.

There were a number of sponsors for Earth Hour in Melbourne inc. Leo Burnett, WWFThe Age & Austereo. All good, but in a two horse newspaper-town, such as Melbourne, the newspaper that doesn’t get involved (the Herald Sun in this case) can usually be relied upon to ‘slant‘ their editorial.

Irrespective of Earth Hour’s degree of success the need to raise awareness of profligate energy wastage can only be good and surely deserves the collective support of all media as to what was good and what can be improved upon.

It’s arguable that The Age (and the Sydney Morning Herald) saw an opportunity to take the high ground from their competitor(s) but additionally Fairfax printed a 40-page Earth Hour special supplement which generated approx. $300,000 of advertising revenue. I’m not aware if this is being ploughed back into the Earth Hour cause or is happily resting on Fairfax’s bottom line.

I hope revenue and profit has not clouded their corporate social responsibility…

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