Here's to the new trend – listening to your users


Here’s how I feel when I’m visiting your customer feedback/ideas website:

1. I expect no selling on your behalf – This is not the place to push your products.

2. I want to talk about the things I want to talk about – don’t push your agenda or limit our conversation.

3. I need to know my feedback is received and that something is being done about it – treat my time with respect. If I’m writing to you I expect to get an answer.

Here’s a great example on how this can be done. Starbucks My Starbucks Idea is a website for users to submit their ideas on how to improve the Starbucks experience. The process is dead easy: post an idea and the community will vote on it. Ideas that float to the top are then being considered for implementation. The site’s user experience is brilliant. No pushing of products or other “related” websites, no limitation on topics and an authentic voice are making this one a winner.

The site’s 2.0ish social element and design is riding the “wisdom of crowds” wave also developed by the likes of Kluster and ideablob.

So, can you introduce this in your organisation? How about starting with an internal idea generator?

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