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Just when we thought Wii was the salvation to sedentary gaming along comes GPS-enabled phone gaming LocoMatrix . Currently in beta, the basics are…you text “loco” to a number (UK only) then download either ‘Fruit Farmer’ or ‘Treasure Hunt.’

In Fruit Farmer you have to be the first to collect fruit without being captured by the killer wasps!

You can play with a group of friends, either in teams or individually. All you need is a field or park and some good weather. You track your real life position using the map on your phone’s screen. Collect fruit as quickly as you can, and avoid the killer wasps!

There are more games in the pipeline and users are invited to design their own games. Each game has a chit chat forum too. Massive fun.

A not disimilar 3G-based game called, funnily enough i like frank, was pioneered in Adelaide in 2004 as part of the fringe festival. Ahead of its space.

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