Create an experience instead of just a website

Everything we do in marketing has to do ultimately with creating an experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s a billboard, a TV spot or a website.

What’s your website role? Is it your online storefront? A place where you engage your community? A place where consumers can get the latest updates about you and your products? Whatever it is, it will be an experience and your job is to make it a great one.

To help doing that we try to replace the words “website” or “campaign” with the word “experience”. Another thing we do is to go to our clients websites and think like a user. Did I say “Wow” at some point? Did I feel frustrated? Did I think: “This sucks?”

Another thing I do is getting inspired with some exceptional experiences at one of my all time favorites: ThreeMinds. Check out this 2008 Olympics post.

Here’s the trailer to get you started: [youtube][/youtube]

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