Enter The Ultimate Escape to win an i-mate and a 5 day working holiday in Byron Bay!

We’ve just launched a campaign for i-mate. It’s called The Ultimate Escape:


The Ultimate Escape is a five day experiment where five strangers, situated in a Byron Bay villa will be collaborating with their i-mates to promote the concept of working out of the office. During their time in the villa they will keep doing their work, create content and learn what it takes to work remotely. They will also try to create a national profile for working smarter and convince organisations and employees that you can work out of the office and remain highly productive. We are currently looking for applicants to go to the villa for 5 days in the week starting 31 March. We’ll look after all flights, accommodation & catering costs. All you need to do is continue with your normal working week, and enjoy the experience. So, if you think you’re the right person for the job, send us your stuff: apply@theultimateescape.com

imate Ultimate Escape video1

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