Yellowing pages


 Nature continues to take a bashing as dead Christmas trees and towers of yellow pages litter the landscape. The tower in our photo has been teetering outside our building for over two weeks, eagerly rejected by the nine businesses within.

The yellow pages site intros with “For decades, the Yellow™ Directory has been bringing buyers and sellers together. A Yellow™ Directory is readily available to people in virtually every home and business across Australia. It is the most used source of buying information when people are looking for suppliers of products and services.” The source for this insight is independent research which took place across Oct’98-Sep’99!! me thinks times are a changin’.

Anyone with no online access (now approx 17% Australian’s down from 95% in 2001, source Nielsen) may choose to op-in to receive their annual volumes but the rest of us might chose to opt-out, given the choice that is.

With Sensis starting to produce great new products such as the soon to be re-launched whereis let’s have an opt-out option for some of their less vibrant products. With approx. 5 million copies being distributed each year, some with over 3,000 pages we roughly calculate that we’re talking about 7 billion pages all up. If say 50% of us opt-out then hello we just saved 3.5 billion pages from being sucked out of the environment.

Let your conscience do the talking.

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