Second life gets a second chance

After jumping on board the virtual world spaceship without any strategy, brands learned that the rules of engagement are different and after getting the initial PR many have jumped ship.

I’m thinking that Second Life will have a second chance for brands and this chance will be in the training/education. Think about it like this: if using a flight simulator is good enough for NASA why not use a simulator for customer service, driving schools or even medical students? after all, isn’t Second Life a life simulator?

Learning to sail in real life requires studying a rule book and pass an exam. Than you’ll have to pass a hands on course. In second life you can actually tie a rope, get a sale up and even take the boat for a night cruise to learn the signals. Imagine if your organisation can reduce training times by half and end up with better results?

Another point is the fun part of learning. When we were young, we had fun learning as most of it happened as we played. As we grow older it seems someone had taken the fun out of learning. Instead of playing and experiencing we now have to read books and memorise dates. Second life can bring the fun and game element back to learning so we can enjoy it more.

Let’s see how long it takes for the first brand to start training employees in virtual worlds.

(Just had a quick look and found out that Scoble was on the ball in 2006!)

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