Drive through holiday

coolercruiser.jpgWell, we hope all of you had a nice relaxing holiday and some New Year celebrations. I actually managed to be offline for several days and my right hand lost it’s “mouse” shape! Going offline for a bit did help some ideas to flow. One thing that came up during some healthy drinking was the breathalyzer issue. How good will it be if everyone had one? Why not Keep it in your car and see if you can drive before you’re getting caught? Will it reduce drink driving? I think so. It’s one thing to attempt driving THINKING you’re capable and another thing to start driving when you KNOW you’re not. Amazon sells this $20 one. How about putting them in pubs and bottle shops? Sure there’s a cost. I bet it’s minimal compared with the marketing/law enforcement manpower and accidents total cost. I also think it will help reduce accidents more than any campaign or booze bust ever will. It’s pretty obvious this can also be a great campaign for any car or alcohol brand. Any takers?

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