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A hot topic for quite sometime has and is the water usage, and the water restrictions that are still currently in place.  Melbourne’s water storages are 39.3% (697,058 million litres) full today, after dry conditions saw storages drop a further 6,717 million litres this week from 39.7% full last week.
At the same time last year storages were holding around 17 billion litres more water, at 40.3% full (714,193 million litres).  This essentially means that although we have seen some rain here and there – storage levels are still down from this time last year.
Victoria has just experienced the worst year of drought and lowest stream flows in our State’s history & due to this Melburnians are reminded that Stage 3a water restrictions are in place until June 30 next year. Further details are available by visiting the Our Water, Our Future

A plan is in place by Melbourne water on a long-term solution. $4.9 billion will be spent in major water infrastructure projects to provide the biggest boost to Victoria’s water supplies in 25 years.

In light of the seriousness of this topic, I’ve recently become more aware of my water using actions and think twice about how and when I use water. Simple ways to cut down that I have started to do is:
 -turn the tap off mid cleaning your teeth – used to be guilty of leaving this running during the whole process
 -when washing dishes – try to do a big wash when dishes build up, rather than small wash ups which make you fill the sink each time. Similar to washing clothes
 – cut down the shower time!! An easy simple yet begrudged action that I have recently made an effort to do.

On a positive note – there are also cool and clever ways to save water on a larger scale. I was impressed with an ad I saw today in the latest edition of green magazine

Waterwall rainwater storage systems have come up with a groovy way to store water for laundry and toilet use etc… they are large water tanks which essentially look like part of the back yard – resembling walls!

It’s little things like this that will eventually become required by all house holds, and if there is a ‘funky’ way to go about it – the more people may react sooner rather than later.

Just a reminder – keep your water usage at top of mind…not back of…

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