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AdNews has asked me to “mouth off” on the topic of


Free TV last week took out a full page ad in The Australian Financial Review slamming its subscription TV rivals for not scoring any shows in the top 1000 programs of 2007. The question, however, is: should we be comparing STV to Free TV? Isn’t it all about niche audiences? Do advertisers care about individual STV program ratings?

So I said … “the approach being taken by “Free TV” (FTV) is ego-driven and lacks perspective towards the medium as a whole. To my mind STV has never sought to compete as a mass audience alternative, rather providing a mass of audiences. STV is becoming an increasingly important component for delivering TV ads in an environment of falling FTV audiences. The facts are that STV’s audience is growing largely at the expense of FTV’s audience and the opportunity, for advertisers, is to identify these audience “chunks” such as NRL in NSW and QLD and capitalize with environmentally engaging ads.

The opportunity for TV, and surely the issue, is to be collaborative. Check out thinkbox. This is an initiative which celebrates the use of tv, whether it be web tv, free or subscription. It includes information on the growth of TV, how it can work for all budgets, case studies, an ad gallery and the ‘Thinkbox TV Planning Awards.’

This kind of forum/community provides energy, innovation and perspective for one of the world’s most accepted mediums, as opposed to petty infighting. United we stand.”

This will be printed in AdNews issue 30th November 2007.

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