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Smartcompany is a great site for people who’d like to get their business growing. It has lots of smart blogs from smart people and it’s doing a good job of letting you know about online trends like “How to build online communities“.

From their site: What is SmartCompany?: SmartCompany is a completely free news, information and resource site for Australia’s entrepreneurs and SMEs.

How it works: is updated around lunchtime Monday to Friday. Readers who nominate to get the free Email Alert receive an email every weekday briefing them on the latest articles, trends, tips, ideas and blogs that have been posted on the site.

Content: Every Monday to Friday, SmartCompany posts a daily news briefing, a round-up of business trends and ideas, a comprehensive start-up guide and links to SmartBlogs, SmartCompany’s handpicked network of expert bloggers. Every Tuesday and Thursday profiles the views of Australia’s best business experts. Exclusive content including features on big issues for SMEs, case studies, profiles as well as podcasts of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs, tax and legal updates, personal finance and businesses for sale.

Growth resources offers tools, tips and strategies to help subscribers build bigger and better businesses.

Cost: Free!

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