the facebook phenomenon



For most of you, I don’t even have to explain what facebook is.  In fact, I find it hard these days to get involved in a conversation whether it be with a close mate or a complete stranger without ‘facebook’ being brought up somehow. “Hi… my name is John Smith, how are you?… are you on facebook?”

Admittedly I have been a late adopter however the more I get to know and discover things on facebook, the more addicted I’m becoming.  Yes, it helps me keep in touch with current friends, and I have become re-connected to people I would never imagine. Let’s face it, it’s a small world.  There is always someone who knows someone who you know – 6 degrees!

What surprised me most was when I visited the state library for the first time the other week to see Karin Catt’s portrait exhibition (which was fantastic by the way) As I walked through the main area of the library, I passed the computers and those students who I dare say should have been studying – I reckon 8 out of 10 computers were completely facebooked.  Some flickr, seek and hotmail to be seen also but facebook took the cake.
It’s no secret now that social networking sites are transforming the way people are using the internet.  Email is declining for social purposes and daily online activities are certainly becoming more consolidated.  No longer a need to jump from site to site where single sites such as facebook caters for various activities such as sharing videos, pictures and songs
For example – September 2006 to September 2007 facebook increased its ranking from 60th to 7th most visited web site, and was the number one site for photos in the United States, ahead of public sites such as Flickr
So… for those of you who haven’t clocked on to the fact that this is the way of the future, I suggest you sign up and get with the times, as facebook just may very well take over the world.

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