Putting the fun in funerals (and in other things)


Everyone loves fun and if you can put it in funerals you can basically put it anywhere.

How about putting some fun in search? Google image labeler is a game in which you and another random player have two minutes to come up with words to describe a number of images. When you both come up with the same word it will be added to google image search for that image.

This genius move shows that we can turn any old boring assignment into a fun activity like this video is doing.

It takes the boring website instructional piece and turns it into an entertaining experience, with an hilarious product demonstration for slingshot, a device that will let you watch TV on your laptop or mobile. (Thanks to Faris from “Talent imitates, Genius steals”)
I think fun is becoming more and more valuable as an offering to consumers and when fun creates word of mouth, stickiness and emotional connection maybe it’s time to start taking it seriously.

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